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Reliable Computer & Phone Repair

You need peace of mind knowing that your equipment is taken care of by the best professional IT service in the area. With Facet, when your equipment experiences difficulty, you can rest easy knowing that we will fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Our technicians and engineers can help you find a solution that works for your business. We supply parts from only the best sources, and will ensure that your repair is completed using only products that we trust ourselves.

Repairs can’t be completed off-location or offshore. In order to get your equipment back in working order, you need a tech partner who is close enough to respond in person and fix your tech issues on location.

If your business is experiencing technical issues, Facet can fix them quickly and efficiently. We keep parts on hand so your business can resume normal operations in a timely manner.

Don’t wait until your business is down to set up an action plan. Call Facet today to schedule a free assessment of your business’ technology needs.


Why Don't Facet and Nerds Offer Glass-Only Screen Repair On Phones?

We repair a lot of screens at Facet and Nerds, and when we do, we use quality parts and adhere to industry standards for repair methods. We repair most broken screens by replacing the entire front panel or screen assembly, as opposed to using much-hyped “glass-only” repair methods.
Why do we incur the extra part cost only to price our full repairs comparably to other shops’ glass-only repairs? There are several advantages. Firstly, glass only repairs can end badly for all parties involved. Often, repair shops don’t have the proper equipment to repair just the glass, which can cost $15,000 or more to install, so the new screen will not look “like new.” Secondly, the repairs tend to have various issues that arise after some time—these can include touchscreen issues, or, in the most extreme cases, the screen itself just falling off. When the repair does not go perfectly, the repair shop may call and tell you the damage is “deeper” than they originally thought, and charge you an arm and a leg for a full screen assembly replacement. Another major reason we choose to repair the whole screen is overall cost. A full screen assembly replacement from us is generally only slightly more expensive than a glass-only repair from others! We want to make sure that our repairs look good and last for the life of the phone, so we choose to provide only the most effective fixes.

Featured Client

Trish Fulk

I have to say. I had never needed a tech person before till now. I bent my flash drive and it had so much information on it, I was devastated when it would not transfer to my laptop. I took it to Facet and they were able to get all my information off of it very quickly! How relieved I was! Thank you so much Facet (Pekin) for helping get my information off the damaged flash drive! You guys rock!

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