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Business Computer Support

Business Computer Support

Is your business in need of computer support? Look no further. Facet Technologies has provided technological support to the Central Illinois area for almost 30 years. We began our legacy back when Windows 2.0 was fresh on the market, and we've seen a lot of technologies come and go over the years. We’ve helped all types of clients get their technological infrastructure up and running, and we're on call in case anything goes wrong. Our team stays up to date on new developments in the industry so our clients never fall behind, and our products and services are always provided by highly qualified technicians with years of experience.

Why Outsource Your Business's IT Needs?
Many businesses that outsource their IT needs end up receiving subpar service while paying full price, which might make you reluctant to trust someone else with your business's computer support. But by taking advantage of the unique and innovative technologies that Facet Technology has to offer, your business will receive top-caliber customer support coupled with the specialized skills of our highly-qualified IT consultants, at a price that can work for your company.

If your business already has an in-house IT team, don’t worry -- we’re happy to work with all businesses, regardless of their IT infrastructure status. Our technicians are trained to collaborate with any number of existing IT employees to combine our skills and optimize your business's unique IT infrastructure from the ground up with supplemental IT services.

If you’re unsure about making commitments, fear not: our business plans include both contractual support and on-call/as-needed support. Your company won’t waste money on services you don’t need; we will work with your business to customize a support plan that works for everyone. We’ll help to make sure your business’s revenue is sustainable through the use of our computer support. Our employees have an extremely wide range of certifications, including CCNA certifications, MSCE certifications, MCP certifications, and many more.

At Facet Technologies, we understand the demands that come with running any type of business. We also understand that a viable IT infrastructure is essential to achieving success in today’s business climate. Choosing an IT service provider is never simple, but choosing Facet Technologies may be the best decision you make for your business. Contact us today to see how we can help your business reach its full potential.

Featured Client

Kitchen Cooked

“I highly recommend Facet Technologies for all your computer support and computer needs. Kitchen Cooked, Inc. has been with Facet Technologies since 2008. They are responsible for maintaining the operation of our computer systems and network, performing monthly server maintenance, and providing service for any computer hardware problems.

Facet Technologies has been prompt every time we have needed their assistance. Their employees are extremely organized, reliable and confident in their work. We are in the process of implementing a new accounting system, and Facet Technologies has helped us out tremendously.

Facet Technologies would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any questions with regard to Facet Technologies, please do not hesitate to call me.”

- Samantha Klasing, Office Manager 

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