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Managed IT Services Can Help Reduce Operational Costs


When it comes to managing the day to day operations of a business, IT and networking often top the list of priorities. This is because, in today’s day and age, no business can even connect to the outside world without a proper IT and networking infrastructure.

The truth is that while this is important, managing and running this IT infrastructure could be much more difficult than you realize. Hiring the right staff and keeping them efficient is only the start. You also have to make sure that you are meeting hardware requirements and resolving IT concerns in a timely manner.

These tasks demand special measures. This means that they could also contribute towards driving excessive operational costs.

That is where managed IT services come in.

By taking the difficult tasks off of your hands, a managed IT solution firm could help you cut down your operational expenses. This helps your bottom line to drive more revenue out of your everyday operations, and your firm to scale according to your specific plans.

To understand how these services can help you bring down your costs, here are a few ways how they achieve this feat.


You Don’t Have to Spend Repeatedly on the Hiring Process

Hiring IT professionals who are proficient in what they do is quite expensive.

Since these professionals are highly qualified, their wages are managed proportionally as well. With that, you also have to carry out the hiring process through a proficient HR department each time you are filling in a new position.

Needless to say, the process is extensive enough to break the bank for your company. But partnering with a managed IT solutions provider saves you from all the different hassles involved in the process.

Since the staff hiring is managed by your managed IT solutions provider throughout the duration of your partnership, you are free of meeting these costs in the long run. 


You Don’t Have to Spend on Training Mechanisms

Another reason why enlisting the help of a managed IT solutions provider works is how you don’t have to train your IT department consistently. The tech world is an ever-evolving space. Proficient IT professionals must be on top of their game to secure your systems against security threats and help them be more efficient.

But taking out time for training and holding actual sessions for performance improvement doesn’t come free. You must make up for the hours that your IT personnel spend in training instead of the production floor. At the same time, you also have to cover the costs for the training sessions.

With a managed IT solutions provider like Facet Tech, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. These requirements will be managed effectively by us. As such, you'll be able to focus on your core operations instead of paying up for training sessions. Contact us today!


You Don’t Have to Spend on Employee Benefits

Hiring an IT managed solutions provider saves you from spending on IT employee benefits. Since the employees are not on your payroll, you don’t have to pay for insurance or other required benefits.

And that is all while also enjoying the best workforce that you could afford. How cost-effective does that sound?

At the same time, the best part is that the process isn’t unjust to the employees. The managed IT solutions provider takes care of their own employee benefits. This maintains a balance between cost-effectiveness and corporate responsibility for you.

Overall, having your processes managed through an IT services firm provides many benefits to your company’s bank account.

If you have any more questions on how such a solution could work for your specific needs, don’t hesitate from reaching out to us today. We will be glad to answer your inquiries and help you find a solution that works according to your company’s needs.


Word of Mouth

WeaverRidge Golf Club

“We’ve been using Facet for years and are very happy with them. We have even recommended them. Other companies have done work for us in the past, but our Facet technician is always so professional. They do what they say they will do: we get excellent response and communication from Facet, and their quotes and charges are just what they say they will be. Best of all, we are comfortable that if we have an emergency, we’ll be taken care of.”

– Nancy Weaver

WeaverRidge Golf Club
and Weaver Enterprises

Excalibur Seasoning Co.

“Facet Technologies has served our growing needs for many years. Our unique business often demands knowledge of our proprietary systems. Facet maintains a staff that we trust and their response time gives us a feeling of confidence that hasn’t been there with previous providers. With Facet, we get no false promises. A strong family business with the credentials to back them up, we rely on their integrity, honesty, and professionalism daily.”

– Tom Hornstein, President/COO

Excalibur Seasoning Co., Ltd.

Kitchen Cooked

“I highly recommend Facet Technologies for all your computer support and computer needs. Kitchen Cooked, Inc. has been with Facet Technologies since 2008. They are responsible for maintaining the operation of our computer systems and network, performing monthly server maintenance, and providing service for any computer hardware problems.

Facet Technologies has been prompt every time we have needed their assistance. Their employees are extremely organized, reliable and confident in their work. We are in the process of implementing a new accounting system, and Facet Technologies has helped us out tremendously.

Facet Technologies would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any questions with regard to Facet Technologies, please do not hesitate to call me.

- Samantha Klasing, Office Manager

Kitchen Cooked