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Do These 3 Things Before Taking Your Computer In for Repair

If you're experiencing computer issues that require more than a quick fix, don't panic! A reputable computer repair shop will likely be able to give your computer the TLC it needs to get back to its original condition in as little time as possible. Before you bring your computer in for repair, however, it's important to make sure you have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that all of the data you store on it is safe and protected. Here are three steps to take prior to bringing your computer to a repair technician. (read more)

3 Not-So-Obvious Reasons Your PC Problems Are Preventing Your Business From Running Efficiently

We all know how extremely vital computers are to running a business day in and day out. After all, much, if not most, of our business transactions, customer interactions, and important data storage takes place online these days. Having up-to-date, properly-maintained computer equipment is vital to your organization's ability to make sure everything keeps running smoothly and efficiently each day.  (read more)

Data Recovery Solutions Your Company Should Consider in 2019

As a business, you know just how important your data is. It contains all of the information about your customers, products, and employees. It is the foundation of your success and has taken years to collect. It really is too valuable to lose. (read more)

How Business Network Support Can Improve Your IT Operations

Your business network has a lot of moving parts - servers, storage, firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers, and other components are just to name a few. With Facet Tech as your business network support, your IT operations will improve and that always cascades into positive results for other areas of your business. (read more)

7 Ways a Supplemental IT Staff Can Improve Your IT Department

There was a time that your in-house IT department could handle pretty much anything that was thrown their way. However, with growth comes growing pains and one of the areas that can quickly need help is indeed your IT staff. While there are numerous benefits to partnering with a supplemental IT staff provider, we want to share the top 7 ways that it can improve your IT department - and therefore your company. (read more)

Why Companies Outsource IT Services & Still Have In-House IT Staff

While your initial thought process may lean toward choosing one over the other, outsourcing or staying strictly in-house for your IT needs, many companies are finding that the benefits of utilizing a combination of the two is much more advantageous than they ever expected. Keep reading to find out why more and more companies are keeping their in-house IT staff while also utilizing outsourced IT services, how it can help your company and how Facet Tech can help. (read more)

Common Causes Of Data Loss and How to Prevent Them

There's no two ways about it - data loss can be utterly disastrous! The monetary impacts and overall cost can range from the mildly annoying, to the astronomical and even business-killing. While there are multiple ways that you can ultimately lose your company's data, we wanted to point out 5 common causes and how you can prevent them. (read more)

How Does Data Recovery Work?

Restoring data is a critical component to your IT solutions and failsafe systems, but how does it actually work? We've broken down the process in a few simple aspects, outlining your role in data recovery, and how we get it done. (read more)

11 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

IT services can be crazy expensive, ridiculous to maintain, and a real headache all around (especially if you're not working in a predominately-online environment). You've heard of outsourcing IT services, but now you're going to learn why it's the next step in your process. (read more)

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"I have used Facet for a variety of IT needs over the last 10 years, including computer repair, systems sales, and advanced networking, and could not be more pleased with their products and performance.  The crew at Facet always goes over and above to take care of our needs with timely response, accurate work, and consistent follow up.  I recommend Facet Technologies hands-down to all of my SMB clients."

Fred Dirkse, President/CEO

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